Current & upcoming exhibitions

Solo exhibition: 'Hurry up and wait'

24th of October 2020 until December 6th 2020


Opening on the 24th of October at 14u

regular opening hours:

from Tuesday - Sunday

closed on Monday

12u - 18u

special opening hours on the following days:

24/10: 14-22u

25/10: 12-22u

29/10: 12-17u

30/10: 12-17u

31/10: 12-16u

1/11: 12-16u

Schaliënstraat 2,

2000 Antwerp

for private viewings - please contact Fien

In a beautiful building in the heart of the Antwerp contemporary art scene, Tom Barman makes his debut as a photographer with his own solo exhibition. The building of the former X-one gallery, which earned its stripes in the 1970s, was renovated and transformed into the perfect white canvas to make Tom's photos shine. The exhibition is the first solo exhibition of Tom's photography work and shows his view on the aesthetics of the everyday. The exhibition features hand-picked photo material set over the last 10 years, from Las Vegas, Nairobi to Buenos Aires. This proves that Barman, in addition to being a musician (dEUS, TaxiWars) and film director (Anyway the Wind Blows), also has a particularly strong photographic eye.

Previous exhibitions

Group exhibition: 'A Tree'

May 2020 until July 2020


Klapdorp 2

2000 Antwerpen 

A group exhibition with the theme 'A Tree'. Tom's picture 'A good, fine tree' was featured. Other artists were Ren Hang, Cai Dong Dong, Sun Yanchu , Cai Huanhe , Lara Gasparotto , Thomas Vandenberghe, Sybren Vanoverberghe, Boris Thiebaut, Beatrice Lortet, Cassio Vasconcellos, Daido Moriyama, Juanan Requena and more. 

Yearly Exhibition 

November 2019 until October 2020

Hof van Cleve

Riemegemstraat 1

9770 Kruisem

In Hof van Cleve, Belgium's only 3-star restaurant, artist Kris Martin curates yearly expositions. The work of the curator himself, Tine Guns, David Claerbout has been shown. Tom Barman followed these impressive names. In 2021 Carole Vanderlinden will be shown.

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