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MER. / Studio Luc Derycke

Hurry up and wait

‘Hurry up and wait’ 

MER - Borgerhoff & Lamberigts

72 pgs, 265 x 255 mm, hardcover

ISBN 9789463932783

39,90 euro

Artist Tom Barman (°1972, BE), known as a musician (dEUS, Taxiwars) and film director (Any way the wind blows), proves to be a gifted photographer as well. On tour, he started experimenting with his camera during dead moments waiting for his next performance. Photography turned out to be a perfect way of exploring a city and creating at the same time. ‘Everything else I do is so time-consuming and involves many people. Photography is fast and straightforward. It offers me instant gratification for a change’. This entanglement of speed and directness is reflected in the title of the book: Hurry up and wait. Barman creates intuitively and depicts whatever catches his eye, be it candyfloss, a detail of a scratch or a draped sheet. The seductive images give us a glimpse of his personal story. Barman surrenders to his subconscious mind when he is shooting his succulently coloured, eclectic world.

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